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Solar street lamp industry development speed

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The solar street lamp is an emerging lighting industry with green and ecological lighting as its core. It is now accelerating development in China and is also a representative of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. Mainly on the one hand, the government is strengthening the implementation of a strong policy to promote this industry. On the other hand, enterprises are also accelerating the layout in this field. Multi-party cooperation will obviously help China's LED lighting industry to break through the bottleneck and step up. High steps.
The lighting industry insiders believe that by 2010, China's solar street lamp industry output value will exceed 150 billion yuan. In the solar road industry, the lighting market is a very promising market. With the improvement of solar channel luminous efficiency and government subsidies or incentive policies, solar roads will be used more widely. At present, in many public engineering markets, solar energy roads are becoming a focus of development. The reason is that the decline in solar road prices has shortened the investment recovery period of solar roads. In addition, the development of solar road technology is relatively mature, so it has become a project pushed by governments.