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The company's product technology advantages and characteristics

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1. Schematic diagram

1. Conversion advantages:
The company's own core technology enables the company's IED series products to reduce power by 30% at the same brightness, 30% increase in brightness at the same power, and increase life by more than 30% under the same conditions.
Energy storage advantages:
The company's special nano-colloidal battery can be used normally in the range of -40 ° C - +40 ° C, and the energy storage capacity is greatly improved.
Control advantage:
The company's intelligent control system can intelligently control the brightness of the lamps according to the parameters of sunshine time, rainy days, battery capacity and other parameters to ensure 100% lighting rate of the lamps.
Application advantages:
The company's products can be widely used in urban streets, parks, communities, government plazas, islands, home lighting and other occasions.
Light source advantages:
LED series lighting products, with its low energy consumption, long life and green semiconductor lighting technology, deserve to be the most promising lighting replacement products. At present, 90% of solar LED lighting products on the market use high power as a light source. High power means that the power of a single LED is greater than 1W, and the power efficiency of a high-power LED is not high. High-power single-grain 1W LED light is only due to the concentration of light, does not mean that the luminous flux is large, and a large amount of electrical energy is consumed on the heat sink. Studies have shown that the highest luminous efficiency of a single LED is about 0.06W, which is the best, that is, low power. Due to the high power consumption of the high-power LED, the power of the matched solar panel also needs to be increased, and the capacity of the battery increases and the cost of the entire control system increases.
More familiar in the industry, high-power LED has many fatal shortcomings that have not yet been solved: heat dissipation, serious decline in light decay, and short life. It should be said that the reliability problems and thermal conductivity management of high-power LEDs have not been completely solved. Low-power LEDs have been used in various fields for many years, with mature technology and high reliability, and we have successfully solved problems such as heat dissipation and light attenuation.
2. Company product features: Solar LED lamps can achieve 100% annual lighting rate
The solar LED street lamps and garden lights produced by the company are not afraid of rainy days, and achieve 100% lighting rate throughout the year without the need for complementary power supply! The general technology of solar street lamps can resist 2-5 days of rainy days, and the energy-saving core technology of our company's SHZ system can save 80%-90%; under the same configuration conditions as conventional technology, it can achieve the longest continuous 10-15 days of rainy days. Professional system design level, as long as the customer gives accurate location and brightness requirements, we can guarantee to customers that the solar lighting of their design can achieve 100% annual lighting rate, so that the lights will not be extinguished at any time. Normal (up to national standard brightness and customer requirements) brightness level time is greater than 95%, because there will be a rainy season and autumn and winter seasons each year, there may be about 5% of the time, the brightness is reduced by about 20%, which we call abnormal brightness level But this is not the case if the sun is better. In addition to the excellent energy-saving core technology, the accuracy, professional design and use of high-quality raw materials are also very important.